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Life is a red wine that you don’t throw out, you love the taste of it. Much as wine tends to develop and improve in the same way life often does. No one was able to comprehend the true meaning of life. But, maybe that is the way of life. It doesn’t want you to realise that. At the age of 35, a person who has the desire to live 100 years dies in a road accident. But, a person who has no interest in living his or her life ends up living for 100 years. That’s life. It’s unpredictable. It can give you a glimpse into one day of heaven and hell. Your thoughts in your life are true angel and devil. No real angels and devils are there looking at you. Ever wondered, why are you born in this era, and not in hitler’s time? Hey, who knows? There’s a chance you could have been there too. Nobody has or can prove that the incarnation is real or not.

In all legendary books it is written; from bhagvad gita to bible. Before living a human life, you live a thousand other lives. But, is there any evidence? No, it’s not there. There’s a possibility you might be born in your neighbourhood in your next life and may not recognise your own kids and grandkids. All of this stuff is beyond your control. Your emotions are what you can control. Digesting it can be a hard fact for some people. But, your emotions can be controlled. It’s you who let your anger dominate you. You abuse your friends, spouse, kids and then an excuse comes up later, “I’m sorry I was angry.” To hell with it. You were angry. That’s something you felt. You have no right to take it out on someone else. Anger is biggest reason maximum of relationships fail. Control comes within. Then, if you can’t control your emotions, how do you expect to achieve everything you want? Why do all the monks feel so peaceful? They have learned their ability to control emotions. The average could be anything. But the end result is identical. Your emotions is your greatest enemy. You let the feeling of love overpower you, and that is the only reason why you end up trusting everyone so easily, even though your trust has already been broken by many people. Emotions are the very foundation of your life.

Just imagine this with me; “You’re born into a family where everyone is an artist. You’re living in a city full of artists. All you’ve seen around you after opening your eyes is the art. Won’t you make it a part of yourself? You’re going to. Similarly, you start developing emotions looking at people around you since your childhood. Based on what you see, you tend to incorporate your feelings. If love is portrayed by your parents, neighbours, then you will end up being a person who will always be overpowered by love. It’s like you start subconsciously watering some emotions from childhood.

There’s always room for things to learn. The same goes for controlling your emotions as well. You know why monks meditate? When you are depressed, why are you asked to meditate? Meditation, helps you channel the breath. While meditating, you will still have thousands of thoughts going through your head, but at that moment you will focus so much on your breath that you will tend to ignore those thoughts.

Do it in the 3 steps: 1. Sit in a comfortable position, Breathe normally and observe your breathing. 2. If you think of a dog, tell your mind it’s not a dog. I don’t know what it is? This will improve your ability to observe things and will increase your focus. 3. Don’t open your eyes easily. Sit there for as long as you can. After, few days a time will come when you will start to feel some sensations around your nose while breathing which you’ll be able to feel. This will help you stay more calm, focused. 

 If it won’t help you out, try it again and again. More of it coming soon. Stay tuned. Lot’s of love.

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Ring! Ring! Ring! An un-soothing sound wakes him up in a hotel room which is well furnished letting in the cold breeze kissing through rose pattern curtains on the window.

He picks up the phone and hears his father’s voice from the other side.

Father: – Hello, How are you, Rohan?

Son: – I am good, dad. How about you?

Father: I called to inform you that your grandfather is admitted to hospital and we came to Himachal to see him.

Son: *Shocked* Hope he gets well soon. Is misty with you too?

Father: MISTY? Oh, shit! We forgot to bring her with us.

Son: How can you leave a family member like this? When did you go to Himachal?

Father: Day after you left.

Son: Oh no! It’s been a week and she is all alone. *Devastated Rohan Cuts the phone in anger, and runs to catch the earliest flight to home*

*Closes his eyes to sleep while travelling through thoughts*

Rohan wakes up in his bed and demands for coffee. Mom says I am busy come and get it from the kitchen. He walks to kitchen yawning while his eyes got stuck to some amazing beauty in the back garden. He ran into the garden to pick her up in his arms and greets her with a beautiful smile. She is a lovely kitten of white colour with black patches all over her back. When he took her to his mom she smiled looking at her but that smile was disrupted by his demand of keeping her. She shakes her head and asked him to take permission from dad instead. Rohan gathered some courage and went to his dad. He was getting ready for the office. Rohan showed him the kitten and he smiled. When he asked his dad to keep her he said no. He looked at her eyes like she was asking won’t you keep me? You’ll just throw me in this harsh world? And suddenly, Rohan pleaded to his dad and said He don’t need any gift this year all he wants is her to stay with him. Looking at his puppy face his dad allowed him to keep her and hearing that he ran towards his mom and told her the good news. His mom asked what are you going to call her?

He looked towards her and said “Misty”.

That day he became a Dad.

She became a very important part of his life. The first thing they seek for in the morning was each other’s face. In the night, She walks slowly and gets in his bed. She wouldn’t eat until it comes from him. Rohan’s sister hated misty as she gives all of her love to Rohan only. This was the routine of their life when suddenly one day Rohan got to know he has to go to Bangalore for a week to represent his college in a science competition. He wanted to go to Bangalore but he was worried about Misty?

When he came to the home he was sad and looking at his face his dad asked what happened to you?

He told them about the competition and how he is worried about Misty.  Then his sister said why are you worried about her when we all are here. We will take care of her but you must seize this opportunity as not everyone gets such a wonderful opportunity. Knowing his family is there he left to Bangalore after giving lots of kisses to misty. During the competition, all he could think of is misty and blame his hard luck that no one’s phone was reachable. He won the first prize in the competition. He was happy that night not because he won but because he was going back home. He thought to rest a night and leave tomorrow morning. He checked into a hotel.

Ting…  Captain says they are about to land. He reached home and with fumbling hands, he unlocked the door. He screamed out loud “MISTY? MISTY?” but, there was no response. He searched for misty in every corner but he failed. Tired and exhausted he fell on the ground where he finds her misty under the bed but dead. He cried a lot that one competition has cost her misty’s life. He digs a grave for her. When his parents came back he was not talking to them. when his father asked him what kind of behaviour is this? He replied in anger, “What else you expect?” How could you leave her alone? How could…his voice was stopped by the loud voice of his sister’s slap. She said all that you care is of that animal. He looked at her furiously and said, “She was not an animal. She was my daughter. so strange it is when a human gets ill we get scared but when an animal dies we don’t even shed a tear. Are they just some toys which are made to entertain you? Don’t they have any feelings? Just imagine if you are stuck in a room for a week without food and water? We would still juggle around to look for food but she died to wait for us. Do you even realize you killed my daughter?

Nah, how can you? you are so cold-hearted.

saying that he went to his room and slammed the door.

That evening his father came  to him and said, “I am sorry Rohan. You said it right. We must have taken care of her. We are sorry. Saying that he hands him a puppy saying He might not be able to take her place but it’s just a way of saying sorry to my son. I love you”

Rohan hugged his dad with tears in his eyes and said I love you too!



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Gift by Mom

A mirror with a wooden frame has a face of a man who is lost somewhere.  There is a feeling of hatred in those brown eyes. He opens the tap to wash the dirt of his sins from his face but the flow of water made  shows him the face of a women, he loved a lot. He washes his face and goes to his room. He was lying on his bed when after some time he shouted mom! Coffee !
Minutes passed but coffee didn’t arrived. He shouted again, What the hell mom ! You don’t have time to make some coffee for me. Ok fine then I’ll make it myself while quoting those words he goes in kitchen to find nothing but silence. Then he realised his mom is no more with him to shower her love.

Next morning,
He receives a call from his cousin.
Cousin: Brother, How are you holding up ?
Him: I’m doing good. How about you ? Why did you called me ?
Cousin: All good, I called you to wish you Happy birthday brother. I’ve a gift for you left by your mother. It’s in your mother’s cupboard.

*Phone cuts*

He opens the cupboard to find a letter by his mom.

the letter read,

Dear Ritvik,
If you are reading this letter then probably I have left you to live with my husband in the heaven. I hope I deserve the place in heaven? Well, even if i don’t i will fight my way into heaven because I can’t live without your father and you know he’ll be for sure in the heaven. I hope you are doing well son, though I am not there to hold you in my arms. Wish I could’ve stayed more with you but I was tired and couldn’t face the heat anymore. Though you brought the AC but never allowed me to come in your room.
What is it that you hide in your room and always shouted when I entered  in your absence ? But always ask me to give you the coffee in bed.  You might had been busy working hard behind that screen and that’s the reason you never went to the market for my stuff. I can understand you have achieved so much it had been hard for you to take out some time for me out of your valuable schedule to pick my call. But son, I only worry If you’ve had your food or not. It hurts me receiving the text – “I am busy, will talk to you later”. You were busy to pick a call but had time to post a picture on Facebook ?  From your childhood till my last breath I’ve only wished for your success and happiness. I know I was annoying in my old age and its tough for you to handle me but at least you could have tried. But you didn’t and it hurt. You know what’s hard part is the memories of your childhood that flashes when you ignores me. It strikes me I loved you when you was annoying. You failed when you were learning new things but I never took a step back until you got perfect in that. But why do you run away if I found hard to understand those new technologies. It was hard to me like it was hard for you to walk in your childhood.

I know there had been many times when you regret after shouting at me. You never hurt me intentionally, but you do! It’s hard to take all that pain with me. That’s why I penned down these feelings for you so that when you goes in your old age and experience same things you’ll be prepared like I was not. You are my beautiful baby and I am not angry at you but I am in pain. 4599711705.jpg
My beautiful son,
I know you love me a lot but somewhere you care for your social world more. I don’t mind you give preference to your social world but how hard was it if you would have carried me alongside. Now don’t grind your teeth and wipe off those tears. I can’t see you in pain. I am happy out here with you father just missing you a lot. Son, Remember one thing always value the things when you have them because you won’t even realise and they’ll be gone in the blink of eye. You know you have my blessings and love with you. Now, Go and live your life happily without any regrets because regret can destroy you. Promise me you’ll marry soon and have a son. Teach him the things i failed to teach you.
I love you a lot my beautiful son.

Yours Mom 🙂 :* (I hope I made the right smiley son )

He cried his heart out and fell on ground !


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A Letter from a girl

I would like to thank you mom for teaching me that it’s my duty to cover myself with  curtains before coming out of the house. You know I am really grateful to you for telling me   that freedom does not mean being free by the soul. Though I am free but I have to  circle my life by  world’s expectations. Yes you are my elder who loves me immensely and don’t want me to draw any unwanted attention towards me. I am happy that you taught me that but I am sorry I won’t teach my girl this shit. No doubt I respect you but I want my girl’s soul to be happy and not just for the world. She will wear what she wants, what she feels looks best on her. I will not judge her because it’s her body and she knows how to flaunt her beauty while respecting my teachings. She will party late if she wants to and no one I mean it no one in this world has the right to judge my daughter for the clothes she’ll wear.

For you, it’s always a girl’s fault isn’t it ? Let me ask you something.
Is it my fault that god made me beautiful ? Did I asked for this beauty ? If I have got this beautiful gift why won’t I flaunt it.
Then you will say the boy was admiring the beauty god has made then let me be  specific. There is a big difference between  admiring a beauty and raping by eyes.

Mom you said it was ok to be friends with boys then why it’s not ok if I am hanging out with them. Why does you always have to worry about the society ? Let them think na what they want to at the end I am you daughter and what you think about me is what matters. Society is pathetic mom. No matter what I do they will judge me. Will you stop me from breathing as well, if they start complaining about it ? Am I more important to you or this shitty society?

You say I should not wear crop top as the gap between my top and jeans is too much but you ask me to wear a saree and you are ok for me to flaunt my tummy to the world ? Will boys close their eyes then ? Mom does not matter If I wear jeans, skirt,suit,saree; the bitter truth is a pervert will always try to look at my naked part and If he won’t get to see that he will stare at the size of my Boobs. And a gentlemen will always see how beautiful I look ! Why is it you who have to teach us what to wear ? Let their parents teach them how to behave?

You know Sometimes I’m so shattered I feel like cutting my neck with the knife, but then a feeling stops me. A feeling of giving a birth. God gave me the gift to bring someone to life and how can I not respect that by ending my life.

You gave me a life. I have been taking this shit for a longtime but not anymore. Today it has to be my voice. I won’t be the quarry of lust anymore. I will live my life the way I want to and If anyone tries to put me in the ground then he will face the dust not me.


Love you mom,
Your daughter