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A Letter from a girl

I would like to thank you mom for teaching me that it’s my duty to cover myself with  curtains before coming out of the house. You know I am really grateful to you for telling me   that freedom does not mean being free by the soul. Though I am free but I have to  circle my life by  world’s expectations. Yes you are my elder who loves me immensely and don’t want me to draw any unwanted attention towards me. I am happy that you taught me that but I am sorry I won’t teach my girl this shit. No doubt I respect you but I want my girl’s soul to be happy and not just for the world. She will wear what she wants, what she feels looks best on her. I will not judge her because it’s her body and she knows how to flaunt her beauty while respecting my teachings. She will party late if she wants to and no one I mean it no one in this world has the right to judge my daughter for the clothes she’ll wear.

For you, it’s always a girl’s fault isn’t it ? Let me ask you something.
Is it my fault that god made me beautiful ? Did I asked for this beauty ? If I have got this beautiful gift why won’t I flaunt it.
Then you will say the boy was admiring the beauty god has made then let me be  specific. There is a big difference between  admiring a beauty and raping by eyes.

Mom you said it was ok to be friends with boys then why it’s not ok if I am hanging out with them. Why does you always have to worry about the society ? Let them think na what they want to at the end I am you daughter and what you think about me is what matters. Society is pathetic mom. No matter what I do they will judge me. Will you stop me from breathing as well, if they start complaining about it ? Am I more important to you or this shitty society?

You say I should not wear crop top as the gap between my top and jeans is too much but you ask me to wear a saree and you are ok for me to flaunt my tummy to the world ? Will boys close their eyes then ? Mom does not matter If I wear jeans, skirt,suit,saree; the bitter truth is a pervert will always try to look at my naked part and If he won’t get to see that he will stare at the size of my Boobs. And a gentlemen will always see how beautiful I look ! Why is it you who have to teach us what to wear ? Let their parents teach them how to behave?

You know Sometimes I’m so shattered I feel like cutting my neck with the knife, but then a feeling stops me. A feeling of giving a birth. God gave me the gift to bring someone to life and how can I not respect that by ending my life.

You gave me a life. I have been taking this shit for a longtime but not anymore. Today it has to be my voice. I won’t be the quarry of lust anymore. I will live my life the way I want to and If anyone tries to put me in the ground then he will face the dust not me.


Love you mom,
Your daughter



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2 thoughts on “A Letter from a girl

  1. Wowww such s nice thought … Nd really dupen hats of to uhh 😍😍😍 … U write awsm … A real thoughts feeling …. Gentelman always see how bful she .. Nd u r d onE 😍😍😘😘 thnkew 4 dis


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